We specialise in custom sticker printing Melbourne wide, so you don’t have to

The more tools a plumber has access to, the larger the variety of toilets and taps they’ll be able to fix. Similarly, the more marketing tools a business has at its disposal, the more customers it’ll be able to reach. In fact, behind every successful business is an array of excellent marketing tools. But what are they? Well, a website and social media pages are certainly important – it goes without saying that in this day and age, an online presence is a must.

With a few extra items in your toolbox, though, you can reap the benefits of internet-based marketing as well as word-of-mouth and face-to-face marketing. Business cards, flyers, posters, banners, and brochures are all tools you can add to your arsenal. But the simple sticker is not to be overlooked – and here at Sticker Printing, we work to bring you the highest quality custom stickers Melbourne has to offer.

Here are 5 reasons you should have branded stickers printed for your business.

They’re affordable: For small businesses, or start-ups, it’s not always a viable option to have custom packaging printed. This is a costly exercise and not something for which funding is always available. Stickers are an inexpensive, and professional way to brand plain packaging.

They’re versatile: As well as sticking them on your packages, they can be stuck on laptops, water bottles, walls, and furniture – anywhere really! And because they can be stuck on countless different surfaces, they have the potential to be seen in countless different places. This is an almost effortless way of increasing your business exposure.

Easy access to your business details: The more places your stickers are stuck, the more likely it is that people will see them. So if you print your contact details onto stickers, then it follows that more people have easy access to your phone number and website, increasing the chances of your business receiving more enquiries.

Multiple calls to action: As well as having a batch of stickers designed to encourage people to call you, you can print off additional batches with different calls to action. You might have a batch designed to inspire people to like your Instagram page and another set of stickers that entice people to your website. Because stickers are affordable, you can communicate a variety of messages/calls to action to your client base.

They’re handy handouts: Stickers make for great gifts to hand out to people passing by your stall at a local market or trade show. It’s a simple way to grab people’s attention, while spreading your contact details far and wide. You can also hand them out in exchange for email addresses, which is a nifty little way to build your subscriber base.

Long story short, stickers provide an excellent branding opportunity and are therefore a valuable addition to your marketing toolbox. For one of the largest selections of stickers Melbourne wide, check out our website. Then get in touch so we can assist you with all your sticker needs.