What you must include in your custom sticker designs

Custom sticker printing is an exciting marketing tool for business looking to promote their services far and wide. With an increasing number of business enquiries often coming in from distant suburbs – all thanks to the internet – using custom stickers to promote your business a smart way to ensure you aren’t restricting yourself only to the area you operate in. From car sticker printing to other types of custom stickers, you can now print designs of your choice that effectively promote your business.

However, when it comes to printing stickers, there are some basic rules you must keep in mind to ensure you’re making the most of this marketing tool. While some of them are to do with the norms in the designs and how colours must be used, others are to do with ensuring the stickers are a suitable extension of your brand identity. We list some of the things you must consider when developing custom stickers for your business.

Company name and logo: This is one of the most important elements of the sticker, since it’s a direct link to your brand. The use of a company name and logo on marketing collateral is an important brand exercise too. Exposing your audience to logo frequently helps with a strong top of the mind recall. As a result, they are more likely to get in touch with you to avail of your services as and when they need it. It’s a promotional tactic you must make good use of.

Contact details: This is another obvious piece of information to include in stickers, but they often get missed out because companies may want to focus on their quirky design more. However, without contact details, your consumers will find it harder to get in touch with you. True, some sticker types may not need contact details included in them, but try having your contact number or website on stickers, to give consumers some way to contact you.

Brand colours: Using your brand colours in your sticker design is a smart way to subtly introduce consumers to your brand identity, without overwhelming them with excessive information. Your sticker design needs to be a balance between informative and brand elements, so they achieve their intended purpose while being an extension of your brand identity.

Simplistic design: ‘Keep it simple, silly’, is a motto that will always ring true, especially in the world of design. While you may want to create unconventional stickers, a busy design may overwhelm your audience and they would be less likely to pay attention to it, than one that uses a simple, smart design style.

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