How to Design Effective Bumper Stickers


Bumper stickers have long been used by businesses as an advertising tool, as moving vehicles are an effective way to get your brand out there. Think of it as a mobile mini billboard that can grab consumer attention across different locations.

To make the most out of your bumper stickers, keep these design tips in mind:


One of the easiest ways to get your bumper stickers noticed is by using bright colours. Try using two contrasting colours for better effect. It’s best not to go with too many colours though; the most effective car stickers generally use just two or three colours.


Catchy slogans or taglines will help people remember your brand, and can also let them know what your business is about. When crafting slogans, stay away from words or phrases that may be offensive. Remember, you can’t control who sees a bumper sticker that is on a moving vehicle, so be wise and keep it family friendly.


Some bumper stickers are used merely for brand awareness, but others have a message to convey. Vehicles are moving all the time, so if you want to include a message or call to action in your bumper sticker, keep it short, simple and direct. It has to be easy to read and understand at a glance.


Bumper Sticker Fail #1: The two-toned colour design on the company name makes it hard to read at a quick glance. Also, the bumper sticker does not reveal anything about the business, such as what do they do or why should people call the number.


Bumper Sticker Fail #2: The car decal appears to be showing a website address, but the middle letters are not visible at all, due to poor design and colour choice.


Graphics and images may be helpful in making your bumper sticker design attractive, but do not over-do it. It’s best to keep your sticker as clean as possible, as using too many images may confuse viewers. Also, ensure that the graphics do not obstruct any text.

Be funny

If you can, use humour! A funny slogan will capture attention and encourage people to remember you. Plus, making people smile is always a great way to make a good impression. But again, you never know who will see your bumper sticker, so stay away from potentially offensive jokes.

Leave them hanging

Suspense works extremely well in captivating attention. Use your bumper stickers to tease and generate curiosity, but do not reveal everything. Instead, direct the viewers to visit your website or store to find out more about your products, services and offers.

Easy to read

At the end of the day, you need people to be able to see and read your bumper sticker without any problems. Ensure that the font size used is large enough to be seen from a distance. Don’t forget to pay attention to the colours used – if the colour of the text blends into the colour of the vehicle, it would render it unreadable.


Bumper stickers are a low-cost yet high impact marketing tool for almost any business. Let us help you bring your creative sticker ideas to life! If you don’t know where to begin, get in touch online or call us at 1300 880 425, and we will help you kick start the process!