School sticker labels for your kids


It’s the new year, and your kid has got a new bag, new shoes, and even a new drink bottle for school. But wait! Unless you want to be checking the Lost & Found box every day for missing items, don’t send them out without labelling all your kid’s possessions.

Here are some easy and common ways to label your kids’ stuff:

  1. Permanent marker

Permanent markers can be used on clothing, but, depending on how your handwriting is, it may not look very good. Also, as the tip of the marker is quite thick, the name written may end up taking more space on the clothing than intended. Permanent markers do not work as well on other items such as pencils or lunch boxes, and may wash off after a few rounds in the dishwasher.

  1. Masking tape

For an extremely low-cost way of labelling belongings, just stick a piece of masking tape onto your child’s items and write their name on! The downside of this is that it doesn’t really look classy or nice. Plus, these tapes fall off very quickly and easily, sometimes even before your kid walks out of the door. True story.

  1. Sew-on labels / Iron-on labels

These labels work well with clothing, but not other items such as drink bottles or books. Although durable and long lasting, they can be a bit time consuming to put on, as you need to actually iron them on or sew them in.

  1. Sticker labels

Sticker labels are a more convenient and quick approach. All you have to do is stick them on your kids’ belongings – no hot iron or sewing kit needed. As most sticker labels are dishwasher and microwave safe, you can use them for lunchboxes and drink bottles. They are also perfect for other school items including books and bags.

Safeguard your child’s items with custom sticker printing

Sticker Printing offers a range of kids label stickers that can be used for everything – from pencils to shoes and toys. As we use only the best quality materials and printing technology, our stickers will be able to endure anything your child puts them through.

You can also customise your stickers to your child’s specific likes and interests, so not only do they look great but your kids will love them.

Custom sticker labels look modern and neat, and will clearly mark your child’s possessions. This makes it easier for them to keep track of their own things, and also for others to know who the items belong to if they get misplaced.

Tips for using kids’ sticker labels

a) Double labelling

Whoever said that you can only use one sticker label for one item? For more expensive or important items, try double or even triple labelling to reduce the chance of it being lost or taken.

b) Label everything

The best rule to follow is to label every single item your kid brings to school. Not just the bag and stationery, but also the shoes as well as the hat.

c) Just enough info

When it comes to the information on the stickers, less is more. We recommend just the first name and last name, and perhaps a mobile phone number if there’s extra space.

Get your kids’ label printing from us today! With our easy online ordering process and quick Australia-wide delivery, you’ll be able to get your kid’s name stickers with just a few clicks. Get a quote now or call us on 1300 880 425 for more information!