How custom clear stickers can benefit your business


Stickers now come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and stocks, making them suitable for many different uses. They cost-effective and easy to use, and are perfect as product labels, name badges, and even window stickers.

Besides paper stickers, custom clear stickers are quickly gaining popularity for businesses these days, due to its aesthetic value. Adding clear labels or stickers to products can provide a professional and sophisticated feel. The ‘no label’ look also works well if you want to position your products and brand as minimalist or premium.

Besides that, here are some other ways custom clear stickers can benefit your business.

Clear stickers are versatile

Clear stickers can be used on any surface, including glass, metal, plastic and even wood. They blend seamlessly into the background, enhancing the beauty of the packaging. To make it even more versatile, you can keep the logo or text in basic or monochrome colours, so you don’t have to worry about having to match the stickers to your packaging.

For example, when working on gift-ready packaging, you can be free to wrap an item in any attractively coloured paper and finish it off with a clear branded sticker.

In a similar way, clear labels or stickers are useful when companies have packaging that are expected to change often, because your stickers will be able to go with everything.

Clear stickers allow the product to be seen

The best-selling point for an item can sometimes be the appearance of the item itself. When consumers are able to see the product, they tend to trust the product more. Also, if the item looks great, there is really no reason to cover them up with labels. For example, a cupcake that looks really good should be made visible to the consumer.

Clear stickers work really well with food, snacks and drinks. But they can also be beneficial for body and bath products, as well as cosmetics, as consumers want to see what they are getting. Clear stickers allow brands to put their mark on the product without the label getting in the way of the overall look.

Clear stickers make good marketing tools

You don’t have to use clear stickers as product labels only. They are actually extremely useful and effective marketing tools too! Stick them on your envelopes for a quick way to personalise your letters. When sending out promotional mailings, you can also use a clear sticker to seal the envelope to give it a bit of that ‘branded’ touch.

You can even hand out clear stickers to your customers, so that they can become advocates of your brand! Recent studies by Nielsen show that 90% of people trust word-of-mouth recommendations from people they know. These stickers will allow your loyal customers to show their approval and advocate your brand without much effort on their part – all they have to do is apply the sticker on to something they own, and you have a walking, talking testimonial.

As clear stickers are versatile, your customers will be able to stick them on anything, including laptops, mobile phones, mugs, and notebooks, increasing the chances of them using the stickers.

If you are looking to use custom clear stickers for your business, call Sticker Printing today. We offer a wide variety of shape and size choices, and our stickers are printed on premium grade clear polymaterial. Get a quote now, or contact us at 1300 880 425.