6 alternative ways to use paper stickers for your business


Paper stickers are often used to brand packaging, because they are relatively low in cost. They are also especially useful if your business carries a whole range of different packaging for products of different sizes.

Stickers are easy to apply to multiple different packaging items, and allow you to brand your products without committing to ordering large quantities of custom packaging.

But besides using them as product labels, there are other effective ways to use paper stickers for your business.

Use stickers to share testimonials

Don’t wait for your customers to go to your website or Facebook page to read the good reviews. Stick it right there on your product or packaging!

You can also add recognition or medal stickers to your products if you have won awards, like what the wine industry does all the time. It is a great way to differentiate your products on the shelves, and may also be the push that your customers need to make the purchase.

Use stickers to highlight information on products

Stickers are a great way to highlight certain details or information about your product. For example, use a sticker to emphasise the all-natural ingredients in your product, or to showcase its energy efficiency.

If you sell in multiple markets, you can use stickers to customise standard packaging, so you can promote what matters for each market.

Stickers can also be used to promote price reduction or sales. When you use the right colour with your stickers, they can really stand out and grab the customer’s attention.

Use stickers as branded giveaways

If you send out monthly statements or newsletters or any sort of mail to your customers, include a paper sticker with each letter. By handing out stickers to your customers, you are allowing them to become advocates of your brand.

For this to work though, you have to make sure the sticker is well designed so that your customer will actually want to use and display them. You can try using a catchy phrase that ties in to your product or service, use a good image that represents your brand, or just go with your company logo. If possible, include your website URL or a contact detail.

Use stickers on your company car

Moving vehicles are one of the best ways to advertise your brand. Think of it as a mobile mini billboard that can reach a big number of people across different locations.

Use your stickers on your company vehicles, especially if you have delivery services. If not, just stick them on your own car, and give them to your employees too so they can subtly spread the word for your business everywhere they go.


Use stickers to update information

If you relocate or change your contact details, reprinting envelopes, letterheads, flyers and packaging may be a very costly move. This is where paper stickers come in!

Print stickers with your new details and you can immediately update your existing materials without spending too much money.

Use stickers for call to action

Paper stickers and labels are extremely effective as a direct call to action, especially if you have short marketing campaigns that change frequently.

You can print a voucher code or promotional offer on stickers and put them on your flyers. Or, encourage customers to take the next step by using a sticker with clear directions, for instance, ‘Call us for more information’, or ‘Email us to get your sample!’.


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