Cheap Sticker Printing

At Sticker Printing, we specialise in a wide range of cheap custom sticker printing services. We cover everything from paper stickers, clear stickers, window or bumper stickers for the car to food, product and cosmetic labels.

With a range of shapes, sizes, finishes, and the option of templates or custom designs, we ensure all our valued clients receive exactly what they have in mind for their marketing strategy.

Our four core values are: full colour process, great quality, custom artwork, and lowest prices.


How to order custom stickers online

Our online process is designed to be cheap, fast, easy, and convenient. Simply:

  1. Step 1 Choose yoursticker
  2. Step 2 Customise withArtwork
  3. Step 3 Order online

High-quality sticker printing: based in Melbourne, but serving Australia

Operating out of our headquarters in Melbourne, Sticker Printing is a wholly Australian-owned and operated business. We help companies capitalise on the power of promotional stickers: with cheap production costs and high levels of exposure.

We deliver our products across Australia, including Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide.

Our mission is to provide you and your business with competitive prices, custom stickers, and the best results.

We print, produce and deliver stickers to assist with a wide variety of marketing initiatives, including

  • Outdoor promotions: bumper stickers, window stickers etc.
  • Collateral and promotional materials: Delivery boxes, Envelopes, CDs & DVDs, Packaging, Files, Presentation Folders, Wine Labels, Cosmetics, and Off-the-Shelf retail products.

We buy all our materials in bulk to pass the savings on to you.