Stickers for holiday packaging


Packaging plays a very important role in marketing and in selling a product. This is especially true during the holiday season, when everyone seems to be more eager to purchase an item that comes in a holiday-themed packaging. According to a report*, chocolate brand Toblerone saw its sales grow by 400 percent when it replaced its brand name with ‘Ho Ho Ho’ on its Christmas packaging in 2006!

There are several benefits of having Christmas packaging for your products. Firstly, it definitely makes your product more ‘giftable’. This is extremely useful when your product may not currently be considered a good gift option.

For example, a box of tools may not look like a great gift for Christmas, but if it comes in a special edition box with gorgeous Christmas prints, you may suddenly find that it is perfect for your DIY-obsessed neighbour!

Other benefits of having Christmas packaging include:

  • You get to create special variants of your product
  • There is an opportunity to be creative and surprise your customers
  • Festive packaging lets you refresh your brand image
  • You can use the special packaging to emphasise your holiday offers
  • It allows you to build an emotional connection with your customers

Quick and easy Christmas packaging

Christmas packaging doesn’t have to be very elaborate. Not all businesses have the time or budget to come up with a whole new design or special packaging materials every time the holidays roll around.

With holiday-themed stickers, however, you can instantly update the look of your packaging without making any other big changes.

Here are some things you can print on stickers to bring in the festive cheer.


One of the easiest ways to let the Christmas spirit shine through your business is by adding some holiday elements to your logo. Add some string lights, snowflakes or a Santa hat to your logo, or simply change the logo colours to seasonal colours. This leads us to the next point…


Colours work amazingly well during the holidays! All you have to do is add a pop of red, green, blue, white or any other holiday colour to your stickers. If the luxe feel is what you are going for, use metallic or foil stickers to jazz up your products.


Choose your favourite holiday picture or pattern, whether snowflakes, pine trees, baubles, reindeer, Santa or a gift box. Print it on stickers, put these stickers on your product or box, and voila! You now have festive packaging!


A simple “Merry Christmas!” sticker on your packages can quickly make them season-appropriate. You can also push your creativity by using festive taglines that are relevant to your products. For example, stickers with the words “Be merry and bright” can be used for candle products, while “Ho Ho Ho from Santa Paws” work well for pet-related items.

Which stickers to go for?

Paper stickers are great if you to include photo-quality images, while minimalists would love clear stickers. Foil stickers, on the other hand, will give your packages that extra glitz and glamour.

Most importantly, go for premium quality stickers that will not break the bank! Contact Sticker Printing today for an online quote or call 1300 880 425 for more information.