Opting for versatility with sticker printing

Print stickers have many uses, both domestic and commercial. They are popular among consumers of all ages, ranging from young children to teenagers and adults. Using stickers on your children’s stationery and other possessions help avoid them from getting lost, since they can be identified easily. Stickers are also a form of entertainment, with children using stickers of their favourite cartoon characters to decorate their room and things too. It’s no wonder then that brands targeted towards children frequently use customised stickers as part of their promotions.


Stickers have other uses too. Adults use them when filling out addresses on packages, since they stick to the product and this ensures things will be delivered to the rightful recipient. Another popular use of stickers is using them to label items, which is especially handy in the kitchen or the storage area, making it easier it to differentiate one product from the other. A more light-hearted use of stickers is with customised bumper stickers. Bumpers stickers are used on cars and other motor vehicles, and can be used in a variety of ways, from providing contact information to communicating messages about passengers in a car. They are also a good branding tool since companies can have their logos displayed at the back of the car to other drivers. Bumper sticker printing can use be used to share quirky messages, from puns to cute cartoons that will cheer up other drivers whilst on the road.


For businesses, one of the most prominent uses of stickers is for labelling products. Almost every product in the market needs to be labelled, including information about the brand, usage, expiry, ingredients and more. These are regulatory requirements without which several products cannot be retailed in the market. As a result, sticker printing is an essential requirement in this industry and cannot be substituted for any other alternative.


Designs on a sticker are completely customisable, hence businesses typically experiment with it the most. But another aspect of stickers that’s open to customisation is the shape, which businesses don’t consider very often. Quirky shapes do need to be cut to order, but often the minimum print order for this is a reasonable amount, making it something worth incorporating when planning the design. Considering stickers don’t get thrown away too often and stick to a surface for a long time, they are a handy tool to promote your brand for a longer period of time.


At Sticker Printing, we can print an extensive range of stickers, from product labels to customised bumper stickers and more. Contact us today for personalised printing solutions for your business.