Get your business in front of your customers with Bumper Stickers

Bumper Stickers is the best way to promote your business if you are looking for an engaging medium which is very cost effective. As more people started using cars & spending a considerable part of their time on the roads, bumper stickers became an effective tool for brands to use. In an environment where traditional advertising can be extremely costly, promoting your business through bumper stickers can help save money.


Why should you consider using bumper stickers for your business?

An Effective Advertising tool – A well placed bumper sticker on your vehicle can help promote your business to potential customers locally wherever the vehicle is parked or driven. You can choose what information you want to give out to your target audience. This is a great opportunity to introduce your business along with key elements that you want to highlight.

Highlight key aspects of the message – Different advertising mediums are beneficial for specific type of industries. Bumper stickers on the other hand are effective for all industries. Depending on the objective & the key elements that needs to be promoted, using bumper stickers can help achieve your business goal. For examples – If you want to introduce your business to a specific area, the message to use could be ‘Now in Melbourne’. Similarly, you can highlight one specific detail of your business like services, contact details, address or brand elements. For example – A plumbing or gardening business can include just the contact details and the name on the bumper sticker.

Design versatility – The advantage of using bumper stickers to promote your business is that you can customise the theme as required. It provides a wide range of creative possibilities, including sizes, colour combinations and screened graphics. The sticker can be customised into a specific shape to relate to your business as well. For example – using cupcake shaped stickers to promote a bakery. Similarly, stickers can be customised depending on the type of business that needs to be promoted.

Weather proof High quality bumper stickers are manufactured from weather-resistant material such as vinyl with strong adhesive backing. Once applied to a surface, these stickers will not curl up at the edges or otherwise loosen. They will also stand up to harsh elements, including rain, snow, hail and sleet.

One time cost Unlike other advertising mediums, bumper stickers requires only a one time investment to promote your business. This cost includes creating the graphics & printing the final sticker. Online companies can provide cheap bumper sticker printing . Bumper stickers also come with long lasting durability which means, Savings!

Low maintenance Keeping a bumper sticker clean is simply a matter of wiping off surface dirt with a wet cloth. A number of bumper stickers are now even fabricated not to leave messy residue behind once the vehicle owner decides to remove them.

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