Clear Stickers: Say it With Clarity

For both business and personal use, it’s great to print stickers because they can serve many needs. While the versatility of paper stickers can’t be denied, clear stickers also stand out as valuable tools for conveying a message, value and purpose.

When you want to display a logo, price or any message on a surface without adding an additional background colour, clear stickers are the way to go. They are also great for times when the surface you are sticking on features a colour you want to incorporate into your design.

Clear Stickers

Print Clear Stickers for Glass & Plastic

Two surfaces that benefit from clear stickers are glass and plastic. For businesses that sell items in glass or plastic containers such as jars or bottles, they provide a way to add information to the object without distracting from its form or contents.

For example, a sticker bearing a product name or logo on the front-facing side of a glass bottle will “pop” quite well, drawing more attention to the product while retaining an elegant look. Clear sticker printing also works great on semi-transparent plastics, in which case the sticker on the opposite side is often completely out of view until the item is held and inspected.

Clear Sticker Printing – Powerful Packaging

Transparent and semi-transparent surfaces aren’t the only places where clear sticker printing works well. It’s also a great way to add a subtle touch to other surfaces. For example, certain colours such as yellow, orange and dark blue look great against light cardboard. For darker cardboard, experiment with colour to find a way for your logo to pop without the need of a background colour.

Using wooden crates or packaging and need to add a logo or price? Print clear stickers and apply them to the wood in order to retain the beauty of the grain while providing the information needed.

For any surface you need – from glass and plastic to cardboard, wood, metal, ceramic and beyond – clear sticker printing is a fantastic choice. When you’re ready to add images and info with the elegant touch of a clear label, order from Sticker Printing online or contact us at 1300 880 425.