Business Stickers for a Sticky Situation

When it comes to averting a stationery crisis at the office or shop there is no tool quite as flexible and effective as the sticker. The wide range of uses printed stickers offers makes stickers indispensable and it’s always wise to have a good supply on hand.

Sticky Issues

Printed materials for a business are essential for putting forth a professional look – but they can run out. A miscalculation by the person managing the supply closet, a sudden rush of orders, a spill at the wrong file cabinet and any other office tragedy can have effects that are short but devastating. Even a rush order of stationery may not arrive until the next day or later!

That’s where stickers come in. Printed stickers can add your branding to an envelope, booklet mailer, folder and more. Stickers can fill in the gaps while you wait for your order of business stationery to arrive.

Printed Stickers – Design for Emergencies

Just as you design stickers for variable use, you can design with stickers to suit the needs of your particular situation. Viewing stickers as a design element widens your options in terms of adding polish to quick fixes.

Custom stickers that feature your logo are especially effective if you pair them with normal stationery that is coloured to match your website. For example, if you run out of branded folders you can use a coloured folder to complement your sticker. Have a purple logo and use blue colours on your site? Stick a logo sticker onto a blue folder to keep your contingency plan in line with your brand.

The versatility of sticker printing is compounded by the amount of sticker variations kept on hand. For logo stickers, having both circular and rectangular stickers can help suit the sticker’s application to your needs. Seal an envelope with a circle, accent a package or folder with a square. Using shapes that complement the form of the item being enhanced by the sticker strengthens the effect.

Aside from variations in the sticker’s shape, you can utilise foil stickers for added punch or Clear stickers for a subtle approach. And, of course, printed address stickers are the perfect solution to custom envelope shortages.

Whatever emergency or shortage hits, stickers are your backup. Contact Sticker Printing today – through our website or by phone at 1300 880 425 – to order stickers for your business.