3 Ways You Can Use Sticker Printing to Sweeten Your Jam

Cottee’s, Bonne Maman, Dick Smith, IXL – all of these brands possess a unique jam-making method. They all have their secret sauce – the flavour combination that defines their label and makes it distinctly theirs. But, there is something they all have in common: they all know that what’s on the outside is just as important as the inside. That is, the sticker displayed proudly on their iconic glass jars is carefully designed to reflect the goodness contained within, and remain in the minds of consumers for some time to come.
Here are 3 reasons you should get stickers printed for your sweet stuff.

  1. BRAND CONSISTENCY. Do you have an online store or sell your preserves at markets? How are you packaging your jams for your customers? Are they taking their newly purchased items home from the market in a plain, boring bag? Or are they receiving their parcels in the post in an unmarked box? Keeping your brand consistent across your product and packaging means that consumers are given a fantastic first and final impression. Sticker labels displaying your business name and logo make this an easy task: have a whole roll on hand and affix to any box or bag as required – simple!


  1. POINT OUT THE GOOD BITS. Do you use only the juiciest Australian-grown blueberries in your jam? Is your marmalade 100% organic? Is your jam chunky or smooth? You know all the best aspects of your product, but do your customers know?


  1. CALL TO ACTION. Obviously you want your customers to enjoy every last drop of jam in that jar – but then what? Do you want them to like your Facebook or Instagram page? Or do you want them to jump online and buy more? Design a sticker that tells customers exactly what it is that you want them to do – and let it sing loud and proud.

Placing stickers on your jars and packaging is not a time-consuming process – and neither is their creation. We have special sticker printers on-site, and a team ready to help with all your design needs to ensure this whole process is as seamless as can be.
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