Your sticker printing survival kit: the dos, the don’ts and everything in between

It’s common knowledge that a teacher’s command of their prep classroom is strongest when they promise a gold star sticker to each student who picks up five bits of rubbish. In fact every Aussie teacher knows that when you hold a sheet of stickers in your hand, you’re wielding more magic than Harry Potter’s wand.

The magic of paper stickers is not limited to schools though. If you run a business – big or small – stickers should feature in your line-up of marketing tools. Stickers are an effective and efficient way to label your promotional materials while keeping your branding consistent. Nothing maintains the image and professionalism of your business more than a beautiful print sticker.

Here are our dos and don’ts when it comes to sticker printing.


Think about the ink. The appearance of your stickers is one thing: they certainly need to look great, but there’s another aspect to consider: longevity. The longer your stickers last, the longer your company is on display, which is why you should consider good quality, fade-resistant inks to make a lasting impact.

Plan for the future. Will you put your stickers on packaging? Envelopes? Manuals? Booklets? Stickers are incredibly handy and chances are you will use them A LOT, which means you should consider bulk printing to save money and time.

Proofread. Then proofread again. And proofread some more. Then get a friend to proofread. You get the gist: ensure your stickers are free of typos for a tidy, professional look.



Compromise on quality. You might think printing labels at home will suffice, but what you save in money you’ll pay for in time and marketing effectiveness – which is an expensive sacrifice. Printing companies have experience and know-how, which is why you should leave it to the pros.

Stray too far from your business’s look. The idea is to keep your image consistent across all marketing and promotional materials, not to confuse your customers with a radical new design.

Shrink your text. If your customers can’t read the text on your stickers, what was the point of getting them printed? If you can’t fit it all in without using tiny text, sacrifice something for the good of the sticker.

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