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Our roads and highways are fuller than ever, and if there’s one thing drivers can count on it is traffic. Wherever you go, there’s always someone ahead, and that is why bumper stickers never go out of style.

Bumper Stickers and Self-Expression

Bumper stickers are used as a form of expression towards all the people we pass on the road and all who pass our vehicles in lots, garages, and city streets. People love bumper stickers because they face the world – that endless mass of strangers in our rear-view mirrors.

Bumper stickers can be colourful or plain, funny or serious, accepted or controversial, personal or universal. Some express pride in the achievements of their children, others promote their favourite political candidates, and some simply use them to give others a laugh. “Honk if you’re about to run me over!” is a classic example of car-and-road based humour.

Eyes on the Road, Eyes on the Sticker

Bumper stickers are a great way to promote a brand, band, sports team, or campaign. Supporters of a group, charitable cause, or movement become a mouthpiece to the world, spreading information to all they pass on the road. Printed on vinyl and UV coated, the message on a bumper sticker is protected from the dust of the road, the elements, and the sun.

When you’re ready to add some personal or marketing flair to your car’s bumper, Sticker Printing is here to help you at a great price. There are many things to consider when printing bumper stickers, such as colours, shape, size, sticker stock, and quantity. You can call our experienced consultants to help you sort out your project and quote.

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