Stickers for Business

One of the best investments any individual or company can make is in the design and printing of stickers for business purposes. Stickers are convenient because they are easy to use and easy to keep in reach. A sticker of a company’s logo or slogan can be used in many different ways, making them one of the most versatile choices amongst printed materials.

Stickers for Starting Out

For a start-up, stickers provide a way to add brand continuity to a wide variety of items such as envelopes and product packages. They are a convenient and affordable way to keep the feel of a young brand consistent before a company is ready to invest in printed business stationary.

Stickers are also great for promotion. Early adopters of a product or shop can stick the logo, address, or URL on their notebooks, folders and other items that are sure to be seen by others.

Stickers for Going Strong

For established companies, stickers can complement printed stationary and be used in a multitude of ways – from back-end inventory and quality control to front-end cataloguing, promotion and more. They can be bundled with products, used as a seal for gift wrapped orders or stuck on boxes sent out for delivery.

Stickers come in a wide array of styles, from clear to full colour to foil. Shapes range as well, from standard circles and rectangles to more dynamic shapes. The versatility and usefulness of stickers makes them perfect for labelling. Address labels, food, cosmetic and general product labels are all often created and applied as stickers.

When you’re ready to print your logo, slogan, or brand on a sticker, Sticker Printing is here to help. There are many things to consider when printing stickers for business, such as colours, shape, size, sticker stock and quantity. You can call our experienced consultants to help you sort out your project and quote.

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