Promote your business with clear stickers

Clear-StickersLabelling products your business manufactures is an important part of the production process, since the label is where your customers will find important information about the product, such as nutritional information and ingredients. At Sticker Printing, we offer you a range of custom sticker printing options that you can choose from, based on your budget and requirements. Clear stickers are one such exciting option.

Clear stickers can be used in a range of situations, but they have seen increasing popularity as product labels. They extend a classy appeal to products and can make them appear more upscale, which would directly influence their position in the market among competing products. Clear stickers make use of the product’s packaging as its background, hence the colours that the sticker design will be displayed against are expected to change often. The stickers are transparent, and it’s easy to assume that the design and copy has been directly printed on the packaging.

When creating a design intended for a clear sticker, remember that the background will inevitably become part of the design, hence you need to choose colours and font with this in mind. To an extent, this would simplify your sticker design, since you no longer need to worry about background colours clashing with your message. Using quirky motifs along with copy would be a good approach, since it would incorporate the background colours without fully depending on it.

Clear stickers work beautifully on glass and metal surfaces, since they make the best use of the background without being too overwhelming. Clear stickers also work just as well on plastic, making it a popular choice among packaging for liquids in beauty and home supplies. Printed or textured backgrounds, however, may need a slightly different approach since clear stickers may not appear as appealing on them.

It must be noted here that branding-related designs would need to be slightly modified when it comes to clear stickers, since it will ultimately appear on a different background. Typically, creating a black or white version of your company logo is ideal since it will appear against the package background, and take on those colours instead.

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